It is possible to differentiate between three types of content, and each of those has specific characteristics that make it suitable for different strategies and distribution channels.

Written content
The type of content you will see the most online is the written content. It is information shared in a written form, most commonly in articles or blog posts.

The advantage written content has over the other types of content is that it can be “seen” by search engines. It means the search engines can read and understand the text, which allows them to index such content and show it in the search results. Since every website has a goal to be positioned high in the search engine results pages, it is only natural to use written content to do so.

Keep in mind the role of search engine crawlers, use content to present your website in a way that it becomes associated with relevant search terms, leading to similar visits. When you design content, think about it in SEO terms, but you also have to consider your audience. These are the two aspects that affect content creation. Content optimization for search engines is important, but not at the cost of disrupting the user experience.

There are some general guidelines you need to have in mind when it comes to writing content:

1. Write for the people
The content you are writing should be for the people who read that content. With this in mind, make sure the text is relevant, consistent, and readable. Avoid any interruptions, digressions, or repeated statements. Use formatting options to present the text visually.

2. Write for the search engine
Written content is for the readers, but you have to think about search engines as well. It refers to the website and blog content, where you essentially expect search engines to crawl your website and index the content. You will find more about writing for SEO in the chapter on content optimization.

3. Stay focused
Each piece of content should have a specific topic and once you choose it, stay focused on it. Your website and blog should have a niche and a topic to deal with, but each post is a separate unit that should be all about the specific topic that is a highly focused segment within that broad topic we call niche.

4. Word count not to be set in stone

Even though the statistics show that there is a trend for articles to be 1000 words long or more, there is no magical number you should aim for. Because some statistics show a higher level of engagement on average when it comes to 1000+ words of articles, this is not a general rule.

The message is the most important. If the message is short, there is no point in making it longer using unnecessary words
to fit the norm.

Explained the concept of written content, it is possible to differentiate between several types of written content. Each has its characteristics and, used in different situations.

Website content

The first content you will be writing when setting up a website is the entire website content, not a blog. The content is into several pages or sections. Each focused on a particular segment such as the homepage, about us page, pricing, contact page, product description page, etc. The main characteristic of this type of content is the fact that it is informative. Through this content, you provide information about who you are and what sort of products or services you offer. You also need practical information such as contact data.

Blog content

A blog is a place where you publish regular updates, news, and articles related to your niche. It is helpful in terms of SEO, and it also helps with increasing traffic and engagement. Content formatting is especially important with blogging because it highlights different parts of the text, makes it reader-friendly and SEO friendly. A blog post may or may have visual elements, such as images or videos added.


To a certain extent, an ebook is similar to a blog post. It has a topic that relates to your visitors, it is supposed to increase engagement and visits, and formatting is also a necessary part of a good ebook. Unlike a blog post, an ebook is usually not published on your blog but instead, it is a file downloaded from your website or blog. As such, an ebook has a different layout and design. When it comes to word count, again, there are no specific guidelines. Your ebook can be as short or as long as you want and need it to be. Its main purpose is to provide useful information to the readers and inspire interest in your company. Ebooks are also a great material for lead generation.


According to the statistics, visual content has better performance than any other type of content. Visual content attracts the visitors’ attention more quickly, and the information presented in such a way is likely to linger more in people’s minds than when presented in a form of a text. Not only that, but the visual content is also more likely to be shared on social media, thus increasing both engagement and traffic to the website or blog.
Keep in mind the better performance of the visual content is why different types of this content are constantly used when creating content. Visuals are often used together with the text. This way serves as attention grabbers, plus they illustrate the main idea presented in the article.Several types of visual content commonly used are:


Images are the most commonly used pieces of visual content. Content creators use their photos, purchase or download free images, or use screenshots of other websites or applications. When using images, you should make sure:

1. You have the permission to use the image 2. Link to the external image source if necessary 3. The image is related to the content on the page 4. The image is appropriate for your audience
5. You add your own logo/company name if the image is yours (Optional)

When choosing an image or several images for the content, think about the effect the image will create. How will the readers feel when seeing the article for the first time? Will they be intrigued by the images?

Will they like it and thus continue reading the text? Understanding your audience in such a way helps you choose the image accordingly.


Graphics are image designs of pictorial representation of information, like charts, text, symbols, etc. They sometimes combine all these forms. In content marketing, graphics are functional, which means they have sections and data presented deliberately in such a way to highlight certain aspects. When creating a graphic, there is a clear goal in mind, something you want to achieve with it. You could make a poster to announce an event, include the date and place of the event. You might want to present the data from your latest research, in which case a chart or a pie chart would be an element included in the graphic.

When designing a graphic, think about:
1. The goal you want to achieve
2. The information you want to include 3. The way you will present the concept
4. Adding elements such as a photo, a text, or illustrations
5. Adding your own logo/company name (Optional)


Infographic, or information graphic, is a visual representation of data. It makes a bit similar to graphics, but the main distinction is that an infographic represents the collection of data. Its purpose is to present the data or the information in a clear, easy-to-spot way. This way of summarizing information be presented in a form of a text but would receive far less engagement than with the use of graphic elements.

Infographics visualize information, statistics, maps, time frames, hierarchies, etc. They engage the readers with the visual representation and make a bundle of data and numbers seem more coherent and easier to compare.

Things to have in mind when creating an infographic:
1. Choose colors, fonts, and illustrations that are clear and easily visible
2. You could add a title at the top of the infographic 3. If you have data that could be divided into segments, make sure you divide the infographic in such a way 4. If you use the data provided by external resources, add the list of resources used at the bottom of the infographic
5. Add your own logo/company name
Infographics demand the most time to create a comparison, in terms of the other types of visual content, but, as the statistics suggest, they are more likely to lead to a great level of engagement and shares, which is why it is worth it to think about using them in content marketing.

Audio and video content

Audio and video content is considered to be the most difficult type of content to make. Besides the fact that it demands time to think about the concept and the ways to present it, it also requires skill and time for recording and editing. It indicates the need for software for editing sound or video and the know-how to use it. It is why many companies and businesses are skeptical about using this type of content and frequently
avoid it.

However, you should keep in mind that this type of content is popular on the internet, especially on social networks. It is frequently shared and generates a lot of clicks and likes. We will highlight three types of audio and video content you could consider in your content marketing strategy.

A podcast is a form of an audio broadcast that is published online. Podcasts are much like radio shows, but instead of music, they feature some sort of narrative content.

The content featured in a podcast can be:
1. A narrative about a topic
2. Question and answer session
3. A chat between experts in a field or industry leaders 4. Review of a product
5. An interview
6. A course or a lesson
Despite the theme, web recordings are an ideal method to appropriate data online in a structure other than composed content. This structure is simpler for individuals to zero in on the grounds that they can get to it in a hurry, without the need to peruse and look through the content on cell phones. All things considered, they put on their earphones, hit that play button they are in.

Online clients buy in to the webcasts the same way they buy in to a blog, which implies they will get told when another digital broadcast is live. Digital broadcast chronicles are accessible constantly,

which is ideal for individuals who need to pay attention to them any time, as opposed to focusing on a particular time.


Like pictures, recordings are incredible for visual show of content, extraordinary for web-based media commitment for video advertisements. They regularly include music or sound account with visual substance, making this kind of content very infectious and fascinating to watch. Various recordings, including short clasps, video blogs, business recordings, instructional exercises, and survey recordings, give a scope of various choices for organizations to find and utilize this mechanism for advancement. The advancement of innovation, with cell phones including a camera. Sharing on well known stages, for example, YouTube empowered this extension of the video content. In this way, an ever increasing number of organizations are thinking about utilizing recordings.

With regards to the creation of such substance, it requires more abilities and additional time. In some cases it additionally requires more opportunity for arranging and planning everything. This is the reason, despite the fact that it is very compelling and effective at bringing results, a video is as yet one of the most un-utilized kinds of content.

Live visit

It’s anything but a type of video content advocated as of late, as live streaming got one of the highlights presented by informal communities, including YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and so on The principle differentiation of this kind of video is that it for the most part requires less planning than a customary video. It is somewhat talkative, made do on-the-spot. It is additionally very adaptable on the grounds that you can begin a live visit from anyplace at any second. Live visit is likewise a touch more intelligent sort of video since remarks are refreshed progressively, which means the individual telecom the video can see and react to the remarks from the local area.

Which sort of content to pick?

The sort of content you will decide for your site relies upon numerous things. Above all else, you should survey the spending plan. For instance, recording recordings requests a greater amount of a speculation because of the gear and recruiting somebody for altering on the off chance that you don’t have the ability to do it.

Likewise, consider the time. You ought to reasonably design content creation. There is no reason for wanting to distribute another article every day on the off chance that you don’t have the opportunity to compose it nor have a sufficient financial plan for this numerous articles.

Then, at that point consider your crowd. Will it profit with one new article a day? Or on the other hand maybe they may track down an extensive week by week post more commendable? Likewise break down the manner in which your crowd reacts to various sorts of posts. In the event that posts with pictures have a higher commitment level, ensure you center around such posts. Despite the fact that recordings have an incredible commitment level by and large, maybe it’s anything but the situation with your business. Lastly, everything goes to your business. A few kinds of items and administrations are better given a video, while pictures are somewhat compelling for different sorts.

The most ideal approach to begin is to go for composed substance first. It’s anything but a beginning stage since you will require content when fabricating your site. You could likewise begin with writing for a blog before choose to carry out different sorts of content in your advertising system.

Ensure you

continuously break down the exhibition of each kind of post and attempt to recognize an overall guideline about what works best.

Sorts of blog entries

Since contributing to a blog is transcendent in content creation, we will make reference several blog entry types you could distribute on your blog.

News post

In this post, you manage the current news and patterns, most recent updates, and occasions. It’s anything but a more powerful kind of post, yet the substance is time-touchy. For instance, the information on the most recent inquiry calculation update is positively something supportive you would partake in the news segment likewise becomes obsolete rapidly, as another update delivered a long time. Regardless of this reality, news posts are mainstream since they give current data about the theme empowering perusers to stay aware of the latest things.

Instructions to post

This is a sort of educational post and its motivation is to give data and guidance about something, like how to utilize an item, how to discover a choice in programming, and so forth With this post, you advise perusers how to accomplish something and subsequently, these posts are valuable. The language ought to be reasonable and straightforward. Perusers love these posts, particularly in the event that you give visuals to show certain angles since you give an answer for their concern. They get the directions they need. As far as SEO, these posts are additionally extraordinary on the grounds that you utilize the catchphrases normally in the

Useful post

This post is some place in the middle of a news present and a how-on post. For this situation, you pick a subject and give data about it. It very well may be a latest thing so the post would be near the news sort of post, or it could include directions alongside a clarification, in which case this would be nearer to how-to post. Basically, a useful post gives more data about the subject. While picking the subject ensure it is firmly identified with your business and that it is something your crowd will really discover valuable. It is additionally great to remember catchphrases for a particularly post, particularly in the title.


Audit posts are likewise profoundly looked through posts due to the commonsense data they give. They are particularly mainstream among potential purchasers since they give subtleties of the items, suppositions, encounters, and so on Hence, this kind of post impacts shoppers, particularly if your organization gets incredible surveys from definitive sites. Most normally, an audit is in a blog entry, however there is a developing pattern of making video content for such purposes.


As the name recommends, a connection present contains joins on different assets. The thought with this sort of blog entry is to pick a theme, one that is applicable to your objective gathering, and afterward discover quality assets from which your crowd will profit. Other than a connection, it is in every case great to give a remark or why you have decided to connection to that specific asset.


It’s anything but a well known sort of post since it is down to earth its design is so natural to finish and skim. Records are appropriate for a wide range of organizations. At times they may cover with joins post, for instance, if your point is top 5 advertising web journals. It doesn’t really need to be the case since you can have a subject, for example, 5 different ways to further develop your email advertising effort, where you would share your tips and experiences on this point.

Digital recording/Video notes

The principle motivation behind why web recording records or video notes are suggested in light of SEO. Web search tool crawlers can’t record content in sound or video design, which implies you ought to give a record to this sort of content in a type of a blog entry. Incidentally, individuals may likewise think that its accommodating to have a record accessible, particularly while citing you.


Meetings are a kind of synergistic posts where you give inquiries to an individual or a few group about the point applicable to your blog. It very well may be as a kind of post for sound and video content It isn’t generally the case on the grounds that there are numerous meetings in a composed article. For this situation, it is significantly simpler to deal with everything since you can impart through email, you don’t need to coordinate an account meeting by any stretch of the imagination. A meeting is a chance to get a stubborn post from specialists, industry pioneers, and people considered an authority by your objective gathering. The range of these posts additionally may be more prominent because of the fame of individuals you are meeting and the way that they will presumably share the actual post.

Contextual investigations

On the off chance that you choose to dive further into a specific point and present it exhaustively, a contextual investigation is the sort of post you ought to go for. With regards to contextual investigations, they are probably going to be directed by industry pioneers and the individuals who approach some sort of information about a subject. In this sense, they may appear to be all in all too unpredictable for little measured organizations. The beneficial thing about the contextual analyses is correctly their intricacy and enormous size of information which is to be utilized for reaching inferences and breaking down conduct. It implies that a particularly post will normally acquire numerous connections.

Visitor post

It is another post including cooperation. The thought is to have a visitor essayist for your blog. Ideally, this visitor ought to be natural and decent among your objective gathering. It is likewise useful if the visitor blogger is a specialist in the specific point since this way gets an important snippet of data shared on your blog. The reason for this cooperation could be shared advancement or installment. In the two cases, the visitor blogger and the blog including the visitor post should have comparable or even a similar objective gathering to make this special action fruitful.

These are the most widely recognized and the most famous kinds of posts. There are different gatherings however what you will see is that a ton of them cover. For instance, you will see a visitor post highlights a rundown, making it a rundown post. A useful post can likewise highlight some how-to tips, while contextual investigations may likewise incorporate a video with video notes.

It is normal for the presents on cover and converge into recent trends, yet what we can close about effective substance creation is:

1. Content creation requests time
2. Planning is an approach to guarantee high-performing
3. Content should be state-of-the-art
4. Content ought to be applicable to your objective gathering

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